Audrey Alexandre, the Designer behind the brand

I’ve been creating since childhood. 

My passion has led me to spend my life imagining, drawing, inventing, designing, and making fashion accessories.

After 17 years as a working mother of 3 children, I fully understand the preoccupations of dynamic women who balance their love of elegant clothing with rigorous demands. 

That’s why I’ve created handbags that are as stylish as they are functional, durable, and attractive, to meet my own needs and to offer them to my “ambassador” customers.

My bags are much more than fashion accessories, they are life partners.

I designed them and chose the materials. I created the prototypes. I tested them for months, made corrections, and improved them before launching production. They needed to be perfect and meet my own demands.

My strength comes from experience.

My handbags are a big part of my life. I test them all…

Audrey Alexandre is originally from Normandy and lives in Brittany, so stories of the American army’s liberation of France have always been part of her life.

Ever since she was a child, Audrey has dreamed of New York.

So it makes sense that she started with the United States when it came time to expand her brand internationally, choosing New York as the headquarters of her worldwide distribution.