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Audrey Alexandre, the luxury bag for the woman of the 21st century



Audrey Alexandre, the luxury bag for the woman of the 21st century


A 100% French and sustainable creation, the Audrey Alexandre brand proposes to active women active, her capsule collection of luxurious, elegant, and ingenious bags to face their daily life. Her female collection combines elegance, functionality, security, and well-being and was created to bring self-confidence to all women.

Nothing is unnecessary, everything is essential.

Audrey Alexandre is a revolutionary concept in luxury handbags.

A brand with values

With her brand, Audrey Alexandre responds to a need in the leather goods market: that of offering women an instrument of freedom that allows them to live their lives as women while giving them pleasure. Bags that are sparkling and luminous on the inside and chic and elegant on the outside, with specific values: luxury, French manufacturing, security, eco-responsibility, comfort, well-being, and multi-functionality.

First, the designer tries to choose particularly high-quality French materials. At the heart of her workshop, she creates, makes her prototypes, buys the materials, and then entrusts them to a manufacturer based in France near Cholet, with a remarkable historical know-how that has always shaped for the greatest luxury French leather goods brands but also for Roll Royce and Bentley.

To respect the intimacy of each woman, Audrey Alexandre makes sure to place secret pockets in her designs and offers a quality sustainable, capable of being passed on from generation to generation.

A well-stocked catalogue

Currently, Audrey Alexandre offers her ambassadresses customers four first models of handbags, all sublime and available in several versions of materials, in alpine bull calf leather and refined jacquard, as well as a selection of very elegant evening clutch bags.

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All that remains now is to choose your own model.

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