Audrey Alexandre’s premium leather goods brand by – February 7, 2018

The high-end leather goods brand of Audrey Alexandre



Innovative fashion designer, Audrey Alexandre launches her brand of high-end leather bags for women with innovative ideas. It makes the object an essential part of women’s lives.
The mini production launched by Audrey is in full development. She supports the idea that the bag is an everyday object that contains personal and even intimate objects. The collection includes four categories of bags are created: Timeless, Intuition, Iconic, Inédit.
“My handbags, I think of them as instruments of freedom,” says Audrey.

Simplicity and elegance are the key words, the lines are pure. Nothing is superfluous, everything is essential. The lines and high-end materials make it a luxury item. Black and white jacquard, silky alpine bull leather, smooth or embossed, geometric blue and gray jacquard or white gold. The bag must be practical and secure, it accompanies you on all occasions.

Interview, Audrey Alexandre

AA: Artist since always, creation is part of my DNA. Mother of four children, I worked in human resources for a company. When my side activity got more serious I stopped everything to focus on launching my luxury leather goods brand in 2017. It has been almost four years since I started. Initially, I bought myself a sewing machine. Passionate about this activity, my entourage also motivated me. I was often approached by other women to create bags for them. Based on my feminine experience, I imagined them to help me live my life as a woman.

The feminine accessory is very important, how do you see the object?
AA: Yes, I see the bag as a life partner. In my previous job, you have to be chic and elegant, while being practical. I improved the functional and aesthetic side. I wanted to make a bag that represents women, at the same time business woman, mother, athlete, feminine.
The bags are functional, solid, secure. You have to be sure of your accessory. It represents the woman. The big luxury brands are attached to fantasy. Now, a woman is everything at the same time. The bag is revealing, its exterior is aesthetic, its interior intimate. For the interior part, I chose a colored fabric for the immediate vision of something familiar, cheerful. We add pouches and accessories (key holder, phone pocket, etc.).

Practical, chic and feminine, the bag has a prominent place in the lives of women. How did you combine functionality and elegance? How do you take into account the different parameters: finding quickly, emotional side, everyday object?
Extract from the book: Le Sac, editions JC Lattès. Released on March 9
« There are what women call the ‘essentials’, but they are different from person to person. The makeup bag is often found there. Then there are the functional objects, such as keys and phones. Then, the « just in case », anything that will help us solve future problems and respond to inner loopholes. … Then there are the passing objects that settle in for a long time. « 
AA: I start by imagining a bag, then I find colors and shapes. Leather is a rich material that requires some knowledge. I use silky alpine bull leather, smooth or embossed, the refined French jacquard. Jacquard is the result of an intricate weaving of which the patterns are woven. I also chose cotton for the interior of the pockets and the bag. I created the so-called secret pockets, with the possibility of closing, to preserve privacy.
The quote represents my concept exactly. I offer four different models, four styles: Timeless, Intuition, Iconic, Unpublished.
Every handbag is an idea.
The bag can be carried in the hand, crossed or on the shoulder. I added high handles to be able to carry it on the shoulder, a chic and innovative concept.
We must keep this notion of sharing. I want to make life easier for women.
The timeless is an all-in-one bag, usable as a satchel bag, perfect for storing a computer, a notebook … I call it « my all-in-one ».

Why is “Made in…” important to you? Do you care about manufacturing in France for the quality?
AA: France represents elegance, design, quality. We are admired the world over. As a Frenchwoman, I know the quality of French work and materials. I want to make total “Made in France” and follow the trend. There was no question of doing otherwise, We are incomparable expertise in the fashion world. The manufacturer is French and has been shaping leather for over seventy years. He works with the biggest luxury brands.

The event to remember for the days to come is a fashion show of which I am a part organized in Quimper: « Backstage ». (March 31, 2018). Followed by a showroom.

I move step by step, open to all trade fair and showroom opportunities to present my capsule collection. I’m also considering a men’s range.
The brand bears my name to be closer to the women who will wear my bag. The bag is a real life partner, an instrument of freedom.

High-end handbags Made in France, Audrey Alexandre