Luxury leather goods, elegance signed Audrey Alexandre by Ô Magazine – September 15, 2019

Luxury leather goods, signed elegance
Audrey Alexandre

September 15, 2019

Women like us very often have a lot of bags. Each one having its own functionality and adapted to different situations of our daily life. Whether it’s that of a mom, a business woman, a weekend, a shopping spree or all of these situations at the same time. We have all dreamed of bringing together all of these peculiarities of our life as a woman in one bag. Look no further, think no more! Audrey Alexandre, a talented designer, imagined, designed and designed the luxury bag for all the women that we are! Free and full of resources!

Audrey Alexandre: a woman at the service of women
Recently featured in an article by Madame Figaro , always passionate about creation, Audrey Alexandre, originally from Quimper in Brittany, is a woman and a mother in tune with the times. She is a woman who thinks pragmatism, security, freedom and elegance at all levels of her life.
It is by keeping these words in mind constantly and by drawing inspiration from the woman that was the actress of the 50s Audrey Hepburn, elegant, persevering and committed, that she imagined – first for herself – even – the ideal bag. And it is because those around her were seduced by its creation and encouraged it to exploit this promising gift, that Audrey Alexandre felt, by launching in 2017, the desire and the need to share what she had found.

Not one but THE essential ally bag for women. THE bag that brings him security, comfort, organization, elegance in all circumstances. A true partner adapting to the many facets of women.

Bags full of surprises!
In order to contrast with the elegant, chic and understated exterior, the designer has chosen to dress the interior of her bags with fabrics with colorful patterns. It’s a real breath of pleasure just opening your bag!
By evoking secrets, the designer has designed her collection so that the interior is intimate, discreet thanks to its hidden pockets. These allow you to slip things in that we don’t want to be in plain sight when we are looking in our bags.
Once opened, Audrey Alexandre bags bring light, pep’s, well-being and positivity! Audrey Alexandre had the brilliant idea of ​​embellishing her bags with a key tie that is long and sturdy enough not to have to untie her keychain when we unlock our door. No more anxiety about losing your keys, not finding them again.
Audrey Alexandre helps women
The entire collection is designed to make everyday life easier for women and to make them feel safe. Indestructible, it becomes more beautiful as it ages, it can thus be passed on from mother to daughter, from grandmother to little girl. A bag that promises to be filled with stories and secrets!
Audrey Hepburn said « As you grow older you will find that you have two hands, one to help yourself and the other to help others. » Like this quote, Audrey Alexandre did not design her bags as mere fashion accessories. She wanted to make them indispensable tools that bring help and comfort to the women who wear them. May they feel safe, beautiful and confident !The Audrey Alexandre collection for women
The Audrey Alexandre collection – which you can admire on the site as well as on his Instagram page Audrey Alexandre Official – is composed of 4 inspirations, available in silky alpine bull leather, smooth or crocodile embossed, as well as in refined French jacquard.
They are all made with a dynamic pattern interior and high-quality cotton for strength. They also all have secret pockets, a long key link and some have a removable shoulder strap that allows you to go from an arm carry to a shoulder carry. The zip or magnetic closures, as well as the clasps, are chosen for their durability and ease of use.The Iconic
This is an elegant, chic city bag, ideal for parties. Its Retro-Chic sides will remind you of the presence of the great ladies of the 1950s. You can go from being carried by hand to carried over the shoulder thanks to the large handles. Contemplate here the sapphire color in smooth alpine bull calf.
The Intemporel is a long, rectangular and elegant bag that hides its game well. This bag alone is enough to accompany you in your daily and professional activities. Its proportions allow you to slip a laptop or A4 documents. Audrey Alexandre calls it the “All-in-One” and it is fully justified! Below you can admire the Black & amp; White model in jacquard and smooth alpine bull calf.
The New
This model is a revisited, 24h tote. Its large capacity allows you to put in everything you need for a long day or a weekend. However, its trapezoidal shape makes it appear less imposing than it can hold. This particular shape follows the shape of the body when worn close to you. And its square base makes it more stable.
The Inédit is equipped with a removable shoulder strap. The one who wears it is therefore free to wear it in the hand or crossed. The Caramel model in crocodile-embossed alpine bull calf is presented below.
The Intuition is a game-size bag. Bi-material, it can be worn over the shoulder. It thus becomes the ideal companion for an active day. In addition, its magnetic clasp allows automatic closing. Handy when you need to open it regularly or activate, making sure all of its contents are safe. The Gris Opale model here is in woven jacquard velvet and smooth alpine bull calf.
Bags made in France and eco responsible
The Quimper designer created her Made in France collection and éco responsable. Indeed, it is concerned with respectful and responsible production at all levels, while highlighting French know-how. Fashion yes, but responsible
In order to limit CO2 emissions, it favors French craftsmen while paying attention to their working conditions. She also works with a French leather goods manufacturer who has more than 70 years of experience with various luxury brands.
Sensitive to animal suffering, the leather she uses does not especially come from animals killed only for their skins. The tannin used for the leather is of vegetable origin and the non-toxic dyes for the environment are made in organic aqueous media.
Audrey Alexandre: luxury leather goods
Audrey Alexandre’s leather goods are luxurious, upscale, because the designer makes a point of making production transparent, responsible and of a high standard. Audrey Alexandre takes care to choose quality materials, noble materials. She is very attached to excellent manufacturing. Having an eye for detail and finishes.
It is for all these reasons that Audrey Alexandre bags are created to last over time. To be passed on and through the generations without losing quality and enhancing itself, the leather acquiring a patina over time.
Audrey Alexandre has thought of everything right down to the imagination of the logo, which is Retro-Chic and evocative. The double A evokes Audrey on the one hand: women, and Alexandre on the other: men. Feminine roundness and masculine straight lines. As a complementary reflection of one and the other, all forming the M de Maroquinerie.
A men’s collection to come
The designer and young entrepreneur is also full of resources and new ideas. For some already carried out.
Although the designer cares about women and their well-being, she is just as concerned about the well-being of men. They too need an indispensable partner in their daily life as a man, father, business man. Audrey Alexandre has already designed the men’s collection, which is carefully kept in the workshop. It is developed based on his observations and suggestions from the men around him. Tailor-made in short, rigorous work in the continuity of the collection for women. 

To try it is to adopt it and never part with it!
You will understand, the designer Audrey Alexandre, innovative designer, has thought of everything, down to the smallest detail. She thought of each of the women that we are in all our plurality and sensitivity.
She wants us to be free, elegant, safe, facilitated, responsible and all this sustainably. And that’s, I’m sure, what all of us women, mothers, business women, backpackers, crave!
Quick ! Indulge ! You can find all the models of the collection on theE Boutique on the brand’s website, as well as in luxury hotel boutiques in Brittany: at the Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & amp; Spa and at the Spa le Roi Arthur hotel.
I leave you with a beautiful quote from Audrey Hepburn: « Elegance is the only beauty that never fades ».