Production secrets: Luxury and Expertise

Production Secrets:
Luxury & Expertise

The incomparable excellence of French Expertise

My leather goods are more than just French!
They are entirely made in France.

I choose all of my production partners based on their incomparable expertise.

I design and protoype my creations in my workshop in the age-old heart of Brittany.

Then, after selecting all my materials from renowned, expert tanners and weavers, my bags and clutches are handmade with the utmost precision at the workshop of a celebrated leather artisan in the Pays de Loire region, a few kilometers away from the famous, ancient fortress of Château de Saumur. It was turned into a palace by the dukes of Anjou in the 14th and 15th centuries, and is ranked as one of the 10 most beautiful castles in the Loire region.

My leather craftsman is renowned for his incomparable expertise, and has spent over 70 years working for the biggest Luxury fashion brands in France and around the world, including Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Luxury Materials, selected
for their great quality.

AA bags are designed to accompany you for years and years.

That’s real Luxury!

High-quality craftsmanship, reliance on excellent artisans and materials, the care that goes into the finishes and details, the Made in France promise…

Nothing is left up to chance!


AA Leather: exceptional French leather

Audrey Alexandre uses semi-aniline Alpine calf leather for all her designs.

This leather is tanned in France by experts with incredible knowledge of their craft, as part of Audrey Alexandre’s commitment to environmental issues. The leather is finished and dyed using organic aqueous mediums.

This calf leather is renowned for its exceptional quality. It is soft to the touch and feels natural. The silky texture and fine grain of the leather imbues it with sophistication and sensuality as well as a durability.

The leather grows more beautiful as time passes. Just make sure to follow a few simple rules for maintaining it.

Refined jacquard, woven in renowned French workshops

Audrey Alexandre chooses high-quality jacquards for her designs, woven in France by renowned artisans who combine incomparable expertise with environmental awareness.

Jacquard is an elegant, unique material that is also very durable. 

It was created in the 19th century by Joseph Marie Jacquard, a weaver from Lyon who invented the semi-automatic loom in 1801.

Made in the region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Jacquards are part of Lyon’s weaving tradition.

These fabrics are luxurious, with motifs that do not fade or disintegrate over time.


Bold French Cotton

To create the right linings for her AA bags, Audrey Alexandre chooses the most beautiful French cotton, which is silky, durable, and robust all at once.

Exceptional Materials and Finishes
for Exceptional bags