A different kind of Luxury Bag

High-quality bags that help you feel Confident.
No superfluous details, only essentials!


AUDREY ALEXANDRE’S brand values focus on high-quality leather goods that are Made in France and environmentally-friendly. They accompany the bags’ wearers in their daily lives. 

As Instruments of Liberty, AUDREY ALEXANDRE’s timeless, elegant, and intelligent designs help women feel secure, comfortable, and at their best thanks to their functions and clever details, all of which adds up to self-confidence.

The idea is to develop a bag that works as an « assistant », helping the wearer enjoy daily life to the fullest, feeling secure and at ease.

AUDREY ALEXANDRE’s innovative concept revolutionizes the Luxury handbag market.

Instruments of Liberty

Since I couldn’t find a BAG in stores that would allow me to live my life as a multi-tasking woman fully and confidently, I decided to create my own IDEAL BAG, my everyday partner that meets all my needs and expectations as a Woman.

I am a pragmatic person, and I emphasize security, freedom, and elegance at every level of my life.

The bags I design are more than just fashion accessories. My goal is to create essential, durable tools that offer help and support to the women who wear them. So that they can feel secure, beautiful, and confident!

To meet all these requirements, I studied and planned every last detail of my clever designs.

They are stylish and elegant on the outside, and reveal a bright, effervescent interior when they are opened. I designed these bags as a tribute to women. The elegant exterior reflects our serious, public face, while the interior reflects our zesty, bright inner selves.

They are also high-quality, lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. The leather will gain a patina and become more beautiful over time.

With these practical and versatile bags, you no longer need to juggle several accessories on the go.

They help you feel secure while keeping all your private essentials at hand. The bags all close with a durable zipper or a flap with magnetic clips. They come with 2 security straps. One long keychain strap, so you can find your keys and open the door while keeping your bag close to you, and a shorter strap to attach a clutch or other accessories. Plus, 2 secret, hidden pockets that close with a zipper keep your private essentials safe when you open your bag.

These bags help you feel at your best thanks to all these clever details, as well as the brightly colored, effervescent lining that boosts your energy each time you open them.

My goal is to combine all these elements to help everyone who wears an AUDREY ALEXANDRE bag feel confident every day.