Environmentally Responsible Leather Goods Made in France

The Made in France label is a guarantee of excellence

This is a fundamental factor for me.

Although it’s an onerous endeavor, the quality and sophistication of the materials and the craftsmanship are incomparable.

French artisans are world-renowned for their talent and excellence.

The bags are made using entirely French materials and accessories. I create the designs and prototypes in my studio in Quimper, in the age-old heart of Brittany, then send them out to a renowned leather artisan from the region of Cholet, who has been working for the biggest Luxury brands for over 70 years.

The Made in France label is a guarantee of excellence and expertise.

Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Leather Goods

I’m very attached to the topics of sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

I am committed to choosing materials that are made in France and producing my designs in France, which ensures that my leather goods are environmentally responsible.

We use recycled calf leather, using only skins salvaged from the food industry. All of our leather-working processes scrupulously follow the very strict regulations currently in place.

By choosing exceptional leathers which are tanned in France by leading French Leather experts, I rely on an incomparable level of expertise, which is actively committed to sustainable development methods and CSR.

This allows me to offer extremely high-quality bags: with quality craftsmanship, a range of excellent materials, and meticulous attention to details and finishes. Thanks to these qualities, our handbags are designed to last a long time.

AUDREY ALEXANDRE designs are SUSTAINABLE PURCHASES, which can be passed on from generation to generation.